The Gault Estate is bequeathed to McGill

Situated in Mont Saint-Hilaire, the Gault Estate passed to McGill University in 1958 through a bequest from Brigadier Andrew Hamilton Gault, under the condition that the land be preserved for learning, university activities and enjoyment.

Today, McGill University’s Gault Nature Reserve safeguards nearly 1,000 hectares of natural environment. Situated at Mont St. Hilaire approximately 40 km from Montreal, this panoramic natural landscape is ideal for viewing the last great vestiges of old-growth forests in the St. Lawrence Valley. Its 25km trail network remains open to visitors 365 days a year.

Affiliated with the Faculty of Science at McGill University, the Gault Nature Reserve team offers support for natural science research and teaching while providing a wide range of services to the University community and the public.