Heather Munroe-Blum becomes McGill’s first female Principal

In 2003, Heather Munroe-Blum became the first woman to lead McGill.

During her ten-year tenure, McGill’s reputation soared. For six consecutive years, McGill was ranked among the world’s top 20 universities as well as taking the top spot among medical-doctoral universities in Canada.

A distinguished administrator and an accomplished scholar in the fields of psychiatric epidemiology and public policy, she has dedicated her career to the advancement of higher education, science and innovation – within Canada and internationally. Today, Munroe-Blum advises governments on the role of progressive, evidence-based public policy – especially concerning universities, health and research – in enriching society and enhancing international competitiveness.

Named an Officer of the Order of Canada for an outstanding record of achievement in science, innovation, health and higher education policy, she holds numerous honorary degrees, is a Specially Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, a Senior Fellow of Massey College and an Officer of the Order of Quebec.