A decade of many firsts


A special education program for children with physical disabilities was established at the Institute.



The McGill Institute of Education became the Faculty of Education; programs continued both at Macdonald College and McGill’s Downtown Campus. C. Wayne Hall became the first Dean of the Faculty, and Marguerite F.L. Horton was employed as the first female professor in the Faculty.


In 1966, Counsellor Education programs (MEd and DipEd) were also introduced into the Faculty of Education.

Professor Margaret Gillett, who became the Macdonald Chair of Education in 1982, was appointed founding editor of The McGill Journal of Education.



The McGill Elementary Education Teaching (MEET) internship program was established by Dr. Myer Horowitz and set precedents for future internships and innovations.



The Doctoral of Education Counselling program, the first formal doctoral program for the Faculty of Education, was introduced.



Specialized MA programs (thesis-based) were introduced in Physical Education, Counselling, Educational Psychology, Comparative Education, History of Education, and Philosophy of Education. In the same year MEd programs (non-thesis-based) were added in Educational Administration, Educational Psychology, Reading, and Special Education.

The first PhD in Education was awarded to Norman Henchey, who later became a professor in the Department of Social Foundations of Education in the Faculty.