Bicentennial STARS: Pain Research with the Roy Pain Lab

October 27, 2021

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Mathieu Roy (Dept. of Psychology, McGill University) and his team will help us to understand how the brain functions as the organ of pain and what, in the brain, causes pain? They will introduce us to a variety of brain imaging (MRI, EGG, MEG) and psychological/psychophysiological methods such as pain ratings, response times, decision-making, nociceptive flexion reflexes, skin conductance responses, facial EMG, heart rate, and cortisol.  Visit the Roy Pain Lab website to learn more about their work.


STARS (Scientists Talk About Research for Staff) is a series of special lunch-hour talks and visits to science related sites and institutes specifically for Faculty of Science support staff.

Bicentennial STARS for 2021

To honour McGill’s Bicentennial year, STARS is celebrating young McGill scientists with seven monthly lunch-hour presentations that will take you behind the scenes to never before seen labs and experimental research areas where graduate students will share all kinds of insights into their work and research efforts.

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