Victoria Dash

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Victoria Dash

School of Continuing Studies
2019 - Present'

Victoria Dash not only “makes the trains run on time,” but keeps the blood running through the veins of the School of Continuing Studies (SCS) in a myriad of subtle ways. First joining the School in 1999 as an invigilator and later, a client service receptionist, she returned to SCS as Assistant to the Dean in 2019. Since then, she has been my indispensable left hand, right hand, spare eyes and ears. She also has proven herself an expert juggler and “rubrics cube” puzzle solver as she manages not just the Dean’s calendar but all the other calendars in order to schedule meetings, events and appointments. Without Victoria, there would be far less accomplished and far more siloed, fragmented communications, within the School and with key external stakeholders.

Victoria exemplifies a people-centered approach to work. She exudes an air of calmness and competence that soothes even the most frazzled of students or colleagues. She listens carefully and always comes back with creative ideas and solutions to challenges. Victoria has become a central pillar to just about any activity involving planning and/or volunteering in support of our students and community. She has added much-needed person power to the SCS Career Advising and Transitions team, not only as a volunteer, but through her deep network in Montreal’s social service community. We often speak of SCS serving as a bridge to the wider community, particularly to underserved and underrepresented communities. Victoria is a vital part of that bridge.

Nominated by a colleague in the School of Continuing Studies