Vanessa Chan

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Vanessa Chan

Facilities Management and Ancillary Services
2019 - Present'

In her role as the Emergency Planning Officer, Vanessa has been instrumental in supporting the university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While relatively new to the university at the start of the pandemic response in January 2020, Vanessa has consistently adapted to the challenges of a constantly evolving response environment, first as part of the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Coordination Team and then as a core member of the Incident Command Team starting in June 2020.

Working with the Incident Command Team and the faculties, Vanessa supported the research ramp-up in summer 2020, the return to campus in Fall 2020, and the ongoing adjustment of activity on campus due to evolving government restrictions. Her involvement in coordinating between the Incident Command Team and faculties and units across the university has been essential for ensuring the safety of those who learn and work on our campuses.

Vanessa’s nomination was submitted by colleagues at Facilities Management and Ancillary Services