Tracy Roach

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Tracy Roach

Schulich School of Music
1997 - Present'

Tracy Roach’s entire career has been at the Schulich School of Music and she is one of those people of whom is often said that the place would not function without.

A graduate of McGill’s Bachelor of Music program in trumpet performance in 1997, she has since then occupied a vast range of support staff positions within the School, from Receptionist to Faculty Administrator, and including a decade-long stint as Administrative Assistant to the Departments of Performance and Music Research. There is virtually no one who knows the School better and cares for it more than Tracy. Over the course of her McGill career, her work has directly impacted the lives of students, academic and administrative staff, as well as external members of the Schulich community. Tracy is unanimously admired for her intelligence and resourcefulness, appreciated for her thoughtfulness, thoroughness and constant attention to detail, and loved for her genuine care for others. If there is an unsung hero, it is Tracy!

Nominated by colleagues at the Schulich School of Music