Sue Laver

Photo of Sue Laver

Sue Laver

School of Continuing Studies
2005 - Present'

Sue Laver is deeply knowledgeable, a great communicator, possesses outstanding writing skills, organized and extremely helpful. She is committed to lifelong learning, acts as a change steward and coach through the change. She is credible, shows academic rigor and maintains excellent academic standards. She acted with persistence and worked hard during these unpreceded times over the last year.

Dr. Laver’s dedication to students and course lecturers is one of her most valuable assets and extends beyond her involvement on academic rigor and change management. Over the years, she answers promptly to any request and help us achieve better results while maintaining great relationships with the team.

Dr. Laver continues to impress everyone with her dedication to the school and the lifelong learning- she is truly an unsung hero.

Nominated by a colleague at the School of Continuing Studies