Rochinna Testa

Photo of Rochinna Testa

Rochinna Testa

Faculty of Dentistry
1999 - Present'

When I first received an email about unsung heroes, a person instantly came to mind. This person is Rocchina Testa. As the Financial Services Team manager, I could not imagine working in the Dentistry department without her.

She is always there helping us navigate the tricky rules and regulations of the McGill accounting system.

With a welcoming smile and great advice, you find Rocchina. Her work is clear and concise. Rocchina has immense interest in doing her job well. With a strong work ethic and a healthy dose of street smarts, “there is no way to do this” or “I cannot help you” is not in her vocabulary.

I’ve often said to her, “Rocchina, if you were not here, I don’t know what I would do.”

Rocchina is a resourceful person who looks at every task as a challenge that must be completed. She has a strong sense of dedication to every aspect of her job. Nominating Rocchina as an unsung hero is an obvious choice!

Nominated by a colleague at the Faculty of Dentistry