Robyn Clarke

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Robyn Clarke

School of Continuing Studies
2016 - Present'

Over 350 Indigenous learners have chosen to study at the School of Continuing Studies (SCS). At the end of their studies, we always hold a focus group and ask students about their learning experience. When asked, “what support did you find to be most helpful while studying at McGill?”, without hesitation, the answer is always: “ROBYN.”

Robyn has played a vital role in the lives of Indigenous learners at SCS. She is there from the first email or call from a prospective learner to the moment they graduate and become alumni. Robyn develops trusting relationships with learners. They feel comfortable sharing their concerns, fears, and personal issues that interfere with their academic journey. She reaches out to academic staff, course lecturers and support units across the university to find resources that can help.

Robyn is an empathetic individual who will go out of her way to ensure that each Indigenous learner is given an opportunity to access higher education, and to receive the support they need to become a McGill University graduate. Robyn is our unsung hero.

Nominated by a colleague at the School of Continuing Studies