Michael Ungerson

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Michael Ungerson

IT Services
1987 - Present'

IIS-Audiovisual – Audiovisual Systems Consultant

Mike has been working at McGill since 1987. He started in the Computer Centre as a courier, transporting printouts, computers and equipment throughout the University. He switched over to the Technical Services group providing printer and computer support to faculty and staff members by repairing their computers or printers, as well as providing training support to them.

For the majority of his career, he has been an Audio Visual technician assisting professors, students and other members of the McGill community by repairing or demonstrating how to use the various AV components throughout the over 300 classrooms on the McGill campus. Mike has always strived towards providing the McGill community with the best possible experience and has always held student experience as his highest regard to ensure that they have the best possible learning experience while pursuing their academic studies.

Nominated by colleagues at IT Services