Michael Libman

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Michael Libman

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
1990 - Present'

Michael Libman is a specialist in infectious diseases and medical microbiology and Director of the J.D. MacLean Centre for Tropical Medicine at McGill, with a focus on parasitology and the diseases of migrants, refugees, and travelers which are not often seen in our part of the world. For years he has worked as a consultant in Nunavik, taught and done research in many countries, especially with McGill programs in Ethiopia and India, and serves as chair of the Committee to Advise on Tropical Medicine and Travel for Health Canada and Director of the GeoSentinel Network which monitors the importation of infectious diseases across international borders.

Mike is the physician others turn to for the complicated cases, for the latest guidelines, and for a novel approach. His office is constantly hosting new physicians and residents, offering help and ideas. This was true when I was recruited at McGill in 1998, and it still holds true for new recruits today. There is no award offered for having an open door. It takes an unsung hero to offer time so selflessly to so many junior colleagues. For his contributions to the faculty, to the hospital and to the division, formal recognition is long overdue. To detail his other contributions would require a much longer letter, but suffice to say, Mike volunteers his time to make all of us better.

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