Marina Nikoghossian

Photo of Marina Nikoghossian

Marina Nikoghossian

Desautels Faculty of Management
2016 - Present'

A key member of the Bensadoun School of Retail Management team, Marina’s support and kindness are greatly appreciated by all members in the Operations Management area. In her role as Administrative Assistant, Marina has had to learn about a variety of subjects to offer the reliable support that she does – and Marina has proven to be highly adaptable and willing to learn.

She does an excellent job of understanding and communicating vague and complex concepts and her perspective has been a welcome addition at Bensadoun and its retail lab. Collaborative, open and reliable, she accepts suggestions and innovative ideas with enthusiasm. Always willing to take on new tasks, even those outside her role, Marina shows dedication by lending a hand with important initiatives and projects that help the school and its students. Her dedication and ability to get the job done well ensures that the area runs effectively every day.

Nominated by colleagues at the Desautels Faculty of Management