Maria D’Amico

Photo of Maria D'Amico

Maria D'Amico

Faculty of Law
1978 - Present'

The students who have passed through the Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL) know that Maria D’Amico is always pleasant, friendly, and helpful. She genuinely wants to help solve problems, and indeed always seems to know how to solve them.

It is extremely rare to meet someone who is so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, but also kind and friendly. According to the director of the Institute of Air and Space Law, Brian Havel, his steep learning curve would have been impossibly difficult without the blessing of having Maria D’Amico in her role as Senior Administrative Coordinator at the IASL. She is someone who is always genuinely excited to help, she epitomizes the concept of helpfulness, and share the benefits of her phenomenal institutional memory and total institutional loyalty.

Nominated by an alumnus of the Faculty of Law