Jenny Addesa

Photo of Jenny Addesa

Jenny Addesa

Communications and External Relations
1982 - Present'

If an unsung hero is someone who works tirelessly and expertly behind the scenes, juggling a thousand crucial tasks and details so that the larger institution can succeed, then I can think of few unsung colleagues more heroic than Jenny Addesa.

As Financial Officer, Jenny allocates and accounts for every penny in our unit’s budget, ensuring that all applicable policies and procedures are respected along the way. We rely on her experience, expertise, and deep financial knowledge each day – and that ability to depend so confidently upon someone so dedicated, in such a critical area, is an enormous boon to our team.

If Jenny’s work sometimes flies under the radar, that’s in part because it is so consistently immaculate – the first time, every time – to the point where it can be all too easy to forget how much work went into ensuring that flawlessness. The work of financial officers can sometimes be overlooked, but Jenny’s diligence and deep attention to detail are critical to all that we do. Her work makes our work possible – expertly overseeing our finances so that CER is free to tell the McGill story in compelling ways, and help our university communicate all that it is and all that it can be. Her success is our success, and her nomination is richly deserved.

Nominated by a colleague at Communications and External Relations