Janet Arts

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Janet Arts

University Advancement
1975 – 2018'

As Administrative Coordinator and Deputy Building Director at University Advancement, Janet’s care and compassion for the McGill community went beyond the call of duty. She is a McGill champion to her core. She recognized the holistic impact that each aspect of her role could have on McGill’s reputation and mission. She provided warm welcomes to thousands of faculty, staff, students, alumni and volunteers during her time at the reception desk at Martlet House, and forged excellent relationships with our partners in Facilities and Network and Communication Services, which ensured that our operations flowed smoothly. Janet was, and still is, well respected by our partners in the McGill community. She leveraged and willingly shared her institutional knowledge with colleagues. This resulted in greater collaboration and educating countless new staff on our operational processes. She was also adaptable and open to new technologies. Janet made great efforts to learn a new ticketing system one year before her retirement. To ensure uptake, she recommended that a quick link be created on the Intranet Home page to the ticketing form, which greatly improved adherence to the revised process.

Janet took pleasure in her interactions with clients, especially alumni. In managing the info.alumni email account, Janet received a variety of requests. She always took ownership in replying to these queries. Users of the email account often commented that her service was excellent. In every respect, Janet understood that she was a McGill ambassador and deeply assumed her duty to fulfill her tasks to this standard.

Nominated by a colleague at University Advancement