Ingrid Birker

Photo of Ingrid Birker

Ingrid Birker

Faculty of Science
1981 - Present'

As Science Outreach Administrator at the Redpath Museum, Ingrid Birker draws young and old to a wide variety of educational activities at the Museum.

I met her when I began attending the Cutting Edge Lecture Series at the Redpath about nine years ago. These lectures present outstanding scientists who talk about their work to a general audience, including students and professionals. Ingrid is a key part of these events. She makes sure everything goes smoothly; she’s a problem solver and she’s approachable, warmly welcoming everyone and introducing speakers. She organizes the publicity, funding, refreshments, and the team of people who collaborate to make each evening event a success. She works well with student volunteers who are given all kinds of opportunities to participate and receive recognition.

Behind the scenes, she graciously fosters community. Her dedication stimulates greater awareness and appreciation of science as well as of the Museum’s rich history, its glorious lecture hall and its collections. She was involved with the mini-lecture series on Women in Science at McGill in 2018, which was very successful, and she has organized science walks about Montreal.

Ingrid goes the extra mile: she even dropped by my house with a DVD of one of the Cutting Edge lectures when I could not attend. While the Museum is a gem, so too are the unsung heroes like Ingrid Birker. She’s a special asset, a calm, considerate and effective presence that makes the Museum hum.

Nominated by a member of faculty at the Faculty of Science.

Photo credit: Bruno Florin