Claire Boudreau

Photo of Claire Boudreau

Claire Boudreau

Facilities Management and Ancillary Services

Claire had been at McGill for over 40 years, having first worked in academic units until the late 1980s, then at what is now known as University Advancement, followed by many years in the offices of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic), the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance), and the Principal.

Claire joined FMAS (University Services) in 2007, where she had been instrumental in ensuring the smooth running of the daily operations of the FMAS administrative offices at 1010 Sherbrooke. Claire was always ready to help when needed and everyone always relied on her for many issues and just a shoulder to lean on. She was an essential resource to HR and a great support. She was at the heart of the FMAS unit, always aware of all active files, ready to help and support whenever she was needed. She had been an indispensable colleague and we want to thank her for her unfailing support over the years.

Nominated by colleagues at Facilities Management and Ancillary Services