Carole Randle

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Carole Randle

Human Resources
1979 – 2022 '

Carole Randle’s career at McGill began July 3, 1979. While she initially worked in other units, Carole has spent the last 29 years (and counting!) in Human Resources as one of HR’s Disability Management Advisors.  

A genuinely humble person, Carole’s best qualities are her kindness, compassion and that she is a good listener. She uses these traits every day in her role to support her team and employees University wide during some of the most challenging times in their careers.  Through the years, many employees have benefited from Carole’s support and encouraging words while they were struggling with health issues. She carries out her work diligently, with sincerity and professionalism.  

Carole has always been committed to delivering the best service to employees and colleagues. As such, colleagues in Faculties and administrative units rely on her sound knowledge of disability management practices, policies and procedures as well as her good judgement.  

As a colleague, she is professional, reliable and dedicated. Through various changes and challenges, Carole has stayed the course and is always there for her team and colleagues.  As a person, she is caring and authentic and her colleagues unanimously agree that anyone who has the privilege of spending time with her becomes a better person. 

The University truly benefits every day from having such a dedicated employee to serve and support our community. For all these reasons, Carole Randle is a real unsung hero!   

Carole will be retiring March 2022.

Nominated by colleagues at Human Resources.