Antoinette Molino

Photo of Antoinette Molino

Antoinette Molino

Desautels Faculty of Management
1985 - Present'

Ask any student who has been admitted into the MBA program over the last 20 years and they will tell you how instrumental Antoinette has been in their admission process, making a point to stay in touch with her well after they graduate. Ask any MBA program staff member who has the privilege of working alongside her, and they will tell you that she is not only knowledgeable, but also a wonderful friend and mentor. Having been an employee at McGill for over three decades, Antoinette is the definition of being a hub of knowledge. With experience in a variety of different areas, she excels in her knowledge related to admissions and scholarships both at McGill and Desautels.

She deeply cares about the quality of her work and the impact it has on MBA applicants and MBA students, and she performs her tasks diligently and with the highest level of professionalism and transparency. She has a profound sense of pride when she meets with MBA applicants and sees them progress through the program and achieve success beyond graduation. Overall, Antoinette is consistently working beyond her typical job description and tries to help in whatever way she can.

Nominated by colleagues at Desautels Faculty of Management