Plant Care

Received a plant at one of our giveaways? Here’s how to take care of it! Throughout the Sustainable Futures Festival, we will be doing a series of plant giveaways for the McGill and Montreal community. Details

Asclepias tuberosa, or “Butterfly weed”, species of milkweed

Care & Maintenance

Sun: High. Plant in the sunniest part of your garden.

Water: Watering it only occasionally, as it prefers dry soil.

Fertilization: No fertilization necessary.

Maintenance: Low.

Perrenial plant: To be planted in the ground as soon as possible to allow the plant to make good roots to survive the winter.

Note: Toxic to cats, dogs, horses.

By planting an Asclepias Tuberosa in your garden, you are supporting monarch butterflies and pollinator populations. Together, we are creating an ecosystem where monarch butterflies can thrive.


Tradescantias, or “Spiderwort”

Care & Maintenance

Sun: Indirect to direct light. Indoor plant.

Water: Deep watering when potting medium dries, as it prefers moist soil.

Fertilization: Moderate fertilization.

Maintenance: Low.

When the plant start losing numerous older leaves, prune back the plant almost to the base to start new growth. 





Mount Royal European plum tree

A Guide to Plum Trees: McGill Tree Guide