Dental Outreach Program

In 1998, McGill dentists launched a new chapter of community outreach efforts through their Mobile Dental Clinics. As part of the Faculty of Dentistry’s larger Service to the Community Program, McGill’s Mobile Dental Clinics deliver necessary dental care to under-served communities within the Montreal area while providing prospective dentistry students with apprenticeship and hands-on experience.  

The McGill Mobile Dental Clinic works with a variety of community partners such as Chez Doris, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Mile End Mission to facilitate referrals and deliver free dental care to more than 300 patients each year. In 2011, the University also opened the Jim Lund Clinic at the Welcome Mission Hall, a free dental service offered to lowincome Montrealers. Today, the Service to the Community Program serves more than 6,000 patients each year through a network of seven outreach clinics, including new initiatives like the Immigrant and Refugee Pediatric Dental Clinic at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, and the Oral Health Clinic for Neurodevelopmental Diversity at the Montreal General Hospital.