Faculty of Engineering Timeline

Celebrating over 150 years of innovation and finding solutions to problems that matter

1850 - 1899

Where it all began

The Faculty, known as the Faculty of Applied Science at the time, sees many firsts: its first engineering programs, its first School of Architecture, its first graduates, and its first designated building on campus

1900 - 1959

Entering the 20th century

The Faculty of Engineering as we know it is born and continues to expand to meet its growing student body and fields of research


A time of change

Social change and education reforms sees a revamping of the Faculty’s programs, stronger student representation, and the first female faculty member

1980 - 1999

A leap forward in aeronautics, biotechnology, AI, materials processing, and environmental engineering

Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, and Chemical, and Mining Engineering offer new degrees, the School of Urban Planning becomes its own unit, centers for intelligent machines and materials processing are launched, and student groups and design teams make their mark


Supporting student excellence

A new teaching facility, engineering student service centre, undergraduate research program, and doctoral fellowships bolster student life and academics

2010 - Present

Innovation for tomorrow

Sustainability, experiential and life-long learning, equity and diversity, and entrepreneurship are strengthened within the Faculty through the establishment of new initiatives and institutes, and a new program in Bioengineering is launched