Faculty of Dentistry

From humble beginning as a department within the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry has become one of the leading dental schools in Canada. For over a century, the Faculty of Dentistry has built a legacy of excellence, dedication to communities in need, and innovation in the health sciences.

ProtestIn 1991, McGill University announced that it would be shutting down its faculty of dentistry. While no one doubted the quality of education provided by the faculty, it only held a few active researchers, and the university was asserting itself as a research-intensive institution. Thanks to a concerted and very public effort by faculty members and an outpouring of support from students and community members, the Faculty of Dentistry was not just saved; this mobilization helped launch the Faculty into a new era of prosperity, becoming a research powerhouse among dental schools around the world and a leading institution setting the example for community outreach.